Well there’s no need for that! Killing even in your imagination is wrong! Send this person to prison!


No, not that kind 😁.

Hectic life at the moment, so not had much chance to post, I wish I could tell you it was all exciting stuff…… I could tell you that but the chances are I’d be lying more than a lying person at the lying Olympics.   Thought I would just share a quick post with you, I am really hoping to get some more posts done this week, but we will see how many people I have to mentally kill first – I think I am the worlds’ most prolific serial killer at the moment, I guess it saves me from rocking back & forth in the corner,  if I  go on an imaginary killing spree!


Anyway, this is one of my latest photo editing projects, I will post more ASAP! Yes, yes that is me, the weird one – I like being weird, because who…

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About tiggytoto

Started this 3 years ago with a goal & idea in mind, sadly severe health problems have meant that's not been attainable. So instead this is now going to be used to show & talk about all sorts. I hope you enjoy it, but if not not a problem, it is going to be mainly for selfish reasons now that I do anything with this blog & the accounts, to try & distract from pain & so on. Fan of heavy metal, twitter hashtag games, chatting, art. animals, A Goth, punk rocker, heavy metal princess, hate shopping, I am the B of LGBT, animal lover, the usual, a bit of the unusual, not THAT kind of unusual, not on Weekdays anyway.

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