Completely Lazy Guide….

To This Blogs Author

Who wants to do things by halves anyway?!

Pretty much, I don’t remember signing anything, but I’m pretty sure I must have done, since this is exactly  much how my life goes.

Swearing is the shit! Only you have the power to offend yourself by a word which YOU consider offensive

What is life without a little bit of crazy? After all we have to be pretty crazy to believe in the magic that is existence

Occasionally it’s Bollocks instead.  

Oh how I wish this were not true!

They’re all safe to be around, except for Igor, Igor likes to stamp on stupid people.

Yes, I am one of those sad, generic people, who is going to say that music has helped me get this far in life. It may be a cliche but there’s lots around!

After several stays in mental health wards, another cliche that is very true, there’s a thin line between genius and insanity.

To be fair normal is overrated

I would be a fucking millionaire, perhaps I should start keeping one!

I am never sarcastic, well not on Sundays anyway, unless you’re reading this on a Sunday.

A little knowledge can indeed be a dangerous thing, a lot can be suicide.

The rest was thinking is it them or me, what shall I have to eat, what did I come in this room for, and I need a cigarette.

Or maybe try just navigating  away from this blog!

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